We Sell I.C.F. Forms

R-24 Thermal Rating

2.5″ Thick EPS Foam on Both Sides

6″, 8″, and 10″ concrete widths

Plastic Stud Nailer Every 8″

We Provide The Best Service

We may be a smaller I.C.F. manufacturing firm than some of the larger horizontal block companies, but we are able to give unparalleled service because of it.  No horizontal block company will be able to answer questions about your project while you are building in the evenings or on weekends, like TF Forming Systems will.

Nearly 30 years in the Business

Since 1994 TF Forming Systems has been manufacturing ICF Forms in the state of Wisconsin.  In fact, We started out as a horizontal panel ICF, but quickly came to realize the benefits of being vertically oriented.  Thus, we became THE FIRST VERTICAL I.C.F. in the industry. 

TF System How-To

No Floating

Horizontal Block I.C.F. forms have a tendency to float or rise during the placement of the concrete; especially when a  concrete form vibrator is used to consolidate the concrete to minimize air gaps and voids in the wall. 



This effect does not occur with TF Forming Systems’ Vertical ICF.

I.C.F. Basement
insulated concrete forms

No Settling

Horizontal Block I.C.F. concrete forms also have a tendency to settle and compress, as concrete is placed into the forms, and this action compounds the higher you build.



This does not happen with TF Forming Systems’ VERTICAL I.C.F.


Panels that Slide

Because of the vertical nature of TF Systems’ Vertical I.C.F., the polystyrene insulation panels can be moved up and down during the building process (for instance, if a tool is dropped) or during the placing of concrete.

This allows for tall walls to be completed in one pour instead of multiple and without the fear of a blowout because of the increased pressure from concrete being dropped from tens of feet above the ground.

shop concrete walls insulated concrete walls placement slide panels
16' Tall Mechanic Shop